What You Need To Know About Septic Cleaning

Drain contractor

For your septic tank to continue working optimally, you need to pump it out regularly. This calls for you to hire a septic cleaning professional to undertake the task.

How to prepare yourself for septic cleaning

For the cleaning process to proceed flawlessly, you need to do a number of things. One of the things you should do is to confirm that the company will be doing the cleaning on the scheduled day.

The last thing you want is getting ready, and the company doesn’t show up. You should call the company offices and get a confirmation that they will be coming.

If the technicians will be coming, you should go ahead with the preparations. You need to locate the septic tank cover. If you have hired the cleaning professionals before, you might know that they charge their fees depending on the amount of time they spend in your home.

To lower the costs, locate the cover so that when the technicians alive, they will go straight to work.

The other thing you need to do is to clear space for the cleaning truck. The sewer and drain cleaning company will most likely come with a truck. To save time and make the work easy for the cleaning company, make way for the company. This calls for you to get rid of any trees and bushes that might be present.

Guide to choosing a septic pumping company

In addition to properly preparing for the pumping, you also need to work with the right company for you to have a great experience. As rule of thumb, ensure that the company you are working with has all the necessary cleaning tools. For this to be possible you need to visit the company offices and see what they have to offer.

You also need to ensure that you work with a reputable company. The last thing you want to do is work with a company that will provide you with substandard services. The easiest way of telling how reliable the company is, is to read the available online reviews. If bad, stay away from the company.

In addition to the company pumping out your septic tank, it also should provide inspection services where it inspects the tank for any flaws it might be having.


These are some of the things you should know when planning to pump out your septic tank. To have an easy time, work with a reputable drain contractor.

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Sewer And Drain Cleaning Mistakes To Avoid

sewer and drain cleaning

As a homeowner, it’s your responsibility to take good care of the drains. To help you out, here are some of the sewer and drain cleaning mistakes you should avoid making to keep your drains in top shape:

Pushing the clog down

When the drains aren’t working as optimally as you would want them to, you might be tempted to push the clogging material down with the hope that it will get rid of the problem, but drain experts observe that this isn’t a wise thing to do.

When you push the clog down the drains, you risk making it more compact and more difficult to get rid of. To be on the safe side, you should use the proven drain cleaning methods to get rid of the clog. If you aren’t sure of how to do it, hire a drain contractor to help you out.

Improper use of the cleaning chemicals

Chemicals have been used to get rid of clogs since time in memorial, but this doesn’t mean that you should use any chemicals that you come across. Remember that when you use the wrong chemicals, you stand causing more damage to the drains than is necessary.

While the chemicals are highly efficient, they tend to degrade the sewer drains especially when you use the wrong ones. To protect your drains, use the safe ones. Before you use the chemicals, always enquire from the professionals on the best ones to go for.

Using makeshift items to fix the drains

The other common mistake that many homeowners make is using the wrong sewer unclogging tools to get rid of the clog. Some homeowners use sticks. Others use hangers, while others use garden hoses. This is wrong as it often results to pushing the clogs down the drains. It also tends to damage the sewer pipes. As mentioned above, you should only use the proven drain cleaning tools when you are looking to clean the drains.

Neglecting the drains

This is the worst mistake that you can do. Remember that the drains aren’t set and forget units—you need to take good care of them. Some homeowners ignore this and continue using the drains without worrying about whether they are in good shape or not. This is wrong. To be on the safe side, you should make an effort of hiring a clogged drain opening professional at least once a year to inspect the system and fix any issues it might be having.

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Sewer And Drain Cleaning: Ways Of Getting Rid Of Sewer Clogs

sewer and drain cleaning

Sewer clogs are one of the most common problems sewer problems you will regularly face as a homeowner. When they happen, you can clean them on your own, or hire a sewer and drain cleaning professional to help you out.

Cleaning the sewers on your own

As mentioned, you don’t have to hire a cleaning professional every time you have a sewer clog as you can unclog it on your own. There are a number of ways in which you can do it:

Plunger: This is a unit that you place inside the sewer drain, and you take advantage of the suction power to remove the clog. You use this method when you have a small clog.

Auger: Also known as the drain snake, this is a unit you use to get rid of complex clogs. The drain snake is usually corrugated and made from a soft metal rod. To get rid of the clog you need to insert it into the sewer pipes, and when it gets into contact with the clog, it dislodges it leaving your sewer pipes clean.

While it’s easy to use the drain snake, it can be challenging if you have never done it before. You will also have issues if you have old sewer pipes that are at more risk of breaking when you use a lot of force to unclog the lines.

Hydro jetting: Hydro jetting makes use of a high-powered jet of water to get rid of a blockage. If you are used to using it, you will have an easy time doing it but if you have never done it before, let a Jet services provider help you. This is because there is a high risk of damaging the sewer pipes in the process.

Hiring a drain contractor to help you out

If you have tried getting rid of the clog without success, it’s now time to hire a drain contractor to help you out. The professional will use more powerful tools such as electric auger to unclog the drain. The professional will also be more cautious with the drain pipes thus ensuring that your drains aren’t damaged.

To get the most from the contractor, you should hire the right one. One of the factors you should consider when hiring the contractor is the experience. You should hire an experienced professional as he/she will easily get rid of the clog within a short time without causing any damage to your sewer lines.

To have an easy time communicating with the sewer line repair professional, work with one with a great personality.

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All About Sewer And Drain Cleaning Techniques

To protect your sewer lines from clogging and keep them in the top working condition you need to regularly clean them. You can clean them on your own or hire a drain contractor to help you out. The cool thing is that there are many cleaning methods that you can use:

Sewer cleaning methods

Cleaners: There are two main types of cleaners that you can use in your work: chemical and enzymatic. You should avoid the chemical cleaners as they are corrosive. They also damage the sewer lines whether they are plastic, steel, galvanized, or copper.

The chemicals have also been shown to be harmful to use. Due to the dangers that come with the chemicals, you should avoid using them at all costs.

Enzymatic cleaners, on the other hand, aren’t harmful and stay in the sewer pipe for long degrading the clog. Unlike the chemical cleaners, these cleaners take time; therefore, you should be patient and give them time to work.

Mechanical cleaning methods: These are the cleaning methods that require you to use sewer cleaning tools. One of the tools that you can use is the auger or the drain snake. The other common tool to use is the plunger. You use the plunger when the clog is minor. When you have tried to get rid of the clog using the plunger and you can’t, you should now try using the auger.

The cool thing with these tools is that you don’t need to hire a clogged drain opening professional or any other expert to help you in using them—you can effectively use them and get rid of the clog. To use the plunger, you need to place it in a strategic area where you can get as much sanction force as possible.

To use the auger, you need to insert it into the sewer pipe until you encounter a stop.

While these two are the most common types of tools, there are many others in the market that you can go for. One of the most common is jetter drain cleaner. This is where you use high-pressure water to clear a clog. Since the water is at extremely high pressure, you can easily get rid of the clog.

You should note that you can easily damage your sewer pipes or hurt yourself; therefore, it’s wise that you hire a jet/Vac services provider to help you out.


This is what you need to know about the different sewer and drain cleaning methods you can use to give your drains a clean look. For ideal results, work with reputable contractors.

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Sewer And Drain Cleaning Strategies For Spotless Drains

drain cleaning

You have a clogged drain if you have been experiencing reduced water flow. For sanity to return to your home, you need to clean the pipes as soon as possible. To help you out, here are tricks recommended by sewer and drain cleaning professionals on how to clean your drains:

Use a pipe cleaner

This is probably the easiest way out. You should go to your nearest store and buy a pipe cleaner liquid and pour it down the problematic drain. These cleaners contain bacteria that break down the gunk and grime that might have built up in the pipes causing the clog.

After pouring the drain cleaner down the drains, you should wait for at least 10-15 minutes after which you should now go ahead and clean the drains. To give the drains a thorough look, rinse the pipes with hot water. This plays a vital role in breaking down and blockages that might not have been removed by the bacteria.

Clean the drain stopper

Dirt and other materials tend to build up around the stopper reducing water flow. In some cases, the buildup is too much that there is no water flow at all. If the drains are clogged, check the drain stopper for any buildup material.

To check the presence of the materials, you should turn it thus disconnecting it from the pull lever. If there are materials there, clean the unit just as you do to your regular dishware and reattach it. If the drains aren’t clogged, cleaning the drain stopper should get the drains running again.

Make use of a mesh

According to sewer experts, the leading cause of bathroom drain clogs is hair. To prevent the clogs from coming about, you should take measures that prevent the hair from getting in the pipes. One of the most efficient ways of doing it is using a mesh.

All you need to do is head to your local stores and buy a mesh. You should then carefully place it on the drain hole and it will catch any hair running down the drain. It’s easy to install the mesh but if you aren’t confident in your skills, ask a drain contractor to help you out.


These are some of the strategies you can use to keep your pipes clean. If you have attempted everything without success, you should contact a sewer line repair professional to inspect the system and fix any problem areas that might be causing the issue.

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Understanding Trenchless Pipe And Drain Repairs

Trenchless Pipe And Drain Repairs

If you are having issues with your sewer system, one of the ways of fixing the problems is using the trenchless pipe and drain repairs.

Benefits of trenchless technology

There are plenty of advantages that come with the technology. Some of these advantages include:

Cost saving: Since you don’t need many people to repair the system, you save a lot of money that you would have spent hiring the work people.

Reduction of system downtime: When you are repairing the system you will have to shut it down. When fixing the system using the regular methods, you will have to close the system for even weeks. This is because you have first to dig the yard to access the pipes. With the trenchless repair method, the sewer cleaning professionals only need a day or two, and your sewer system will be back to normal working.

No destruction: Unlike the regular sewer repair methods, you don’t have to dig up your yard to access the pipes. This means that you don’t have to worry of your yard getting damaged. In fact, nobody can tell that you have repaired the sewer system.

Durability: Since the technology allows you to replace the entire line, you don’t have to worry about the system developing issues later on as the entire line is new. This gives you peace of mind when using the system.

Trenchless sewer repair tips

To get the most from the repair method, you need to consider a number of tips. When fixing the system, ensure that the work is done by a reputable and experienced drain contractor. The repair method requires the use of specialized tools and skills; therefore, avoid fixing the system on your own if you have never done it before.

Before you hire a contractor to repair the system, first inspect the local building codes and laws in your area. If the pipe has issues under the areas that are out of your jurisdiction, contact the enforcement officers and let them know about it. This will save you money that you would have spent hiring a contractor while the work is supposed to be done by another professional.

As mentioned, the contractor doesn’t dig up the yard—he/she makes two holes on either side of the damaged pipe and replaces the old, faulty pipe with a new one. To protect the sewer line from future damage, ask the sewer line repair professional to line the system.

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Septic Cleaning: Septic System Maintenance Tips

septic cleaning

As a septic system owner you want to keep the system in top shape all the time. The cool thing is that there are plenty of tips given by septic cleaning professionals on how to do it.

Guide to maintaining your septic system

Watch what goes down the drains: Just like when having the regular sewer system, you need to be cautious of what you allow to go down the septic system. As rule of thumb, don’t allow any non-bio degradable materials down the drain. In addition to these materials being difficult to be broken down by the microbes, they also put your system at the risk of getting blocked. To be on the safe side, avoid flushing down paper towels, plastics, female hygiene products, and any other things that can be broken down quickly.

In addition to the materials, you also need to watch the amount of water that you allow into the tank. Remember that the more the water you allow into the tank, the more you dilute the anaerobic bacteria thus the slow they work. Most of the people allow a lot of water into the tank during laundry days. To avoid overwhelming the system, spread out the laundry days.

Regularly clean the septic tank: You must have heard this hundreds of times—you need to clean your tank regularly for it function optimally. The best way of going about it is hiring a sewer and drain cleaning professional at least once every 3-5 years to clean the system for you. After pumping out the system, the professional should also inspect the system for any defects and fix them before next use.

Hire the right contractor: When looking for a company to pump out the tank or repair the system, you shouldn’t simply hire the first company you come across—you should take your time. Before making the decision, check the reviews of the various tank treatment companies and settle for the best.

Pay attention to the leech field: The leach field is the area where the water goes to after leaving the tank. While many people ignore it, it serves the vital role of telling you when you have a problem. If you see it flooding, it’s time to contact a repair professional to check the system and fix the issues that might be there.


These are septic system maintenance tips. To keep the unit in top shape, you need to hire a drain contractor to clean it regularly. You also need to watch what you allow down the drains.

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Restaurant Grease Trap Cleaning And Other Ways Of Maintaining The Grease Trap

As a restaurant owner, you know the value of having a grease trap. This is a unit that keeps your sewer system sane by preventing oils, grease, and other materials from getting in it. The unit also protects your restaurant from getting shut down due to the failure of complying with the municipal laws. Due to the value of the unit, it’s paramount that you properly maintain it. To help you out, here are tips on how to properly maintain your grease trap:

Regularly clean the unit

If you have had your unit for a long time, you know that regular restaurant grease trap cleaning is important. The frequency at which you clean the unit depends on how you use it and how busy your restaurant is. If the restaurant is small and you don’t use the grease trap regularly, you can go for up to half a month or even a year without cleaning it, but the restaurant is busy, you should clean the grease trap at least once every three months.

You can clean the unit on your own if it isn’t big, but if it’s large, you should hire a drain contractor to help you. The cool thing with hiring a contractor is that in addition to him/her cleaning the unit, he/she also will also inspect it for any defects and fix them before they get worse.

Avoid enzymes

Some restaurant owners are lazy and want to have the easy way out. You will find some of them using enzymes and other solvents to clear the fat and oils. While the solvents sometimes work, in most cases they don’t. All they do is to separate the oils from the water which results to the oils going down the drains and clogging them.

In some cases, the business owners use solvents that are too strong resulting in damage of the grease trap and even the sewer drains. To avoid these problems avoid using the solvents as much as you can. The best way of going about it is cleaning the trap the mechanical way. While it’s time-consuming and labor intensive, it’s worth it.


These are the tips to put in place when it comes to maintaining your grease trap. As learnt, you should avoid cleaning the unit on your own. You also should avoid using enzymes and solvents to do it. The best way of going about it is hiring a sewer and drain cleaning professional to help you out.

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Septic Cleaning: What You Need To Know About The Septic System

drain cleaning

If you live in the country side, you have a septic system instead of the regular sewer system that is common in cities and big towns. To help you out in taking good care of the septic systems, here are a few things you should know about them:

Major problems with septic systems

According to septic cleaning professionals, some problems are more common in septic tanks than others. Some of the biggest problems with septic systems include:

Strong chemicals: Toxic chemicals such as motor oil, gasoline, pesticides, and solvents have plenty of effects on your sewer system. The first effect is that some of the chemicals are too strong that they damage the sewer pipes. The chemicals degrade the pipes thus when you use them for long; you will be forced to buy new pipes which will be expensive for you. The chemicals also tend to destroy the bacteria in the septic system; therefore, the system functions slower than it should.

Non-biodegradable items: The most conventional nonbiodegradable products include: plastic bags, sanitary pads, and others. Since the materials can’t be easily broken down by bacteria, they fill up the septic tank forcing you to pump out the tank after only a short while. Sometimes the materials clog up the tank, and you have to hire a drain contractor to unclog it for you.

Too much water: You might have the impression that plenty of water in your septic system is good, right? Wrong. When you allow a lot of water to get into the septic tank, you reduce the concentration of the bacteria in the reservoir thus the tank doesn’t function as optimally as it should. The high water volume also means that you have to pump out your tank regularly.

Too many detergents: There is nothing wrong with soaps as they make laundry easy. The problem comes in when you use plenty of them. Plenty of detergents tend to stick to the sides of the septic pipes and corrode them. This results to clogging which can be expensive especially when you hire an emergency sewer and drain cleaning professional.

Septic system maintenance tips

To keep your septic system in top shape, you need to maintain it properly. In addition to watching what you flush down the system, you also need to regularly hire a drain contractor to pump out the tank at least once every 3-5 years. The frequency at which you should hire the contractor depends on the number of people living in the house and size of the septic tank.

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All About Trenchless Pipe And Drain Repairs

trenchless pipe and drain repairs

Trenchless pipe and drain repairs is one of the ways of fixing your drain pipes when they break down.

Benefits of the procedure

There are plenty of benefits that come with repairing your pipes using the trenchless method. Some of these methods include:

Little damage: If you have used the traditional sewer line repair methods, you will agree with me that the procedure is usually complicated. The drain contractor you hire has to dig up your yard to access the drain pipes. This isn’t the case with trenchless sewer repair. Using this method, the contractors find a small opening and insert their pipes of interest. There is no damage to the yard and is quick.

Cost effective: Since you don’t have to dig up your yard, you save the money you would have spent to hire people to do it. The trenchless repair process also requires very few people which saves more money on your side.

Less mess: As mentioned above, there is no damage to your yard thus there is no mess to deal with once the repair contractors are done. In fact, no one will know that you had a problem with your sewer pipes.

How the sewer pipes are repaired using trenchless technology

The process begins with you identifying that you have a problem with your drain pipes and contacting a repair professional. When the professional arrives, he will use a camera to inspect the nature of the pipes and identify the problematic areas. If the problems are minor such as a clog, the contractor gets rid of it.

If roots damage the pipes or they are too old, and they can’t continue functioning optimally, he has no way out other than to replace it.

The contractor then prepares the liner with special epoxies, then using state of the art tools and equipment, the professional inserts the liner inside the damaged pipes. Once done, the contractor inserts a camera in pipes to confirm that they have indeed been fixed properly.

Types of trenchless repair

There are many types of trenchless repairs that you can have. The most common are:

Pipe lining: This one begins with a fault in the original pipe. The sewer contractor places a camera inside the drain pipes to discover the exact location of the problem and what he/she does to fix it. The contractor lines the new pipe inside the old one.

Pipe bursting: This type of trenchless repair has the same results as pipe lining. The sewer and drain cleaning contractor bursts the old pipe as he pushes the new pipe inside the old one.

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